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Il Border Collie

Heart and Intelligence: The Border Collie, the Perfect Adventure Companion.

The Border Collie is a breed with extraordinary beauty and intelligence. Originally bred for shepherd work as a livestock herding dog, especially sheep, this dog has a lively and active nature, with an incredible ability to concentrate and a natural driving instinct.

His elegant and graceful silhouette is often accompanied by a penetrating and focused gaze, reflecting his unwavering focus on the task in front of him.

With a thick and smooth coat, often with a combination of black and white but also with other color variations, the Border Collie is a dog that catches attention wherever it goes. Its agility and speed are impressive, making it an excellent companion for outdoor activities.

But it is the Border Collie's mind that makes him truly extraordinary. He is known for his exceptional intelligence and rapid learning ability.

These dogs love to be mentally stimulated and need intellectual challenges to live truly happy lives. They are extremely trainable and can learn a wide range of commands and tricks with relative ease.

Despite their intelligence, Border Collies can also be sensitive and affectionate towards their owners. They are devoted and want to build a strong bond with their human family. However, their liveliness and endless energy require adequate physical and mental exercise to avoid unwanted behavior due to boredom or frustration.

In summary, the Border Collie is much more than just a working dog; he is an extraordinary companion who embodies physical and mental excellence. With the right guidance and the opportunity to express his talents, this dog can truly brighten the life of anyone lucky enough to call him their friend.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, remember that:
FCI Standard N° 297/ 28.10.2009
  • We do not give up puppies before 60 days of age. Our puppies are provided with a health card, registration in the dog registry (microchip), registration in the herd book (pedigree) and sales contract.


  • The custody process includes some meetings with families to understand each other's needs together.


  • Our puppies will be entrusted exclusively to people who want a pet and who will be able to provide them with a loving home for the rest of their life.


  • All our dogs live indoors and are never confined to a box or forced to live outside, and as such we will accept to entrust our puppies only to people who will do the same.  


  • All our dogs are part of the family, for this reason even after the sale of the puppies we will offer advice on management, nutrition and care for the dog's entire life, guaranteeing support to the new owners.


  • We will be delighted to stay in touch with families who adopt one of our Border Collies or MASs, this is because we love to follow our puppies on their adventures even when they are grown up.


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